Diners are famous for providing good food served in a comfortable environment for an affordable price. While the original versions were located inside a railway dining car, today's diners are often found tucked into small storefronts among retail stores and business complexes. While these spaces can work well, those that are successful often face the need to expand both their kitchens and seating areas. 

Restaurateurs who are faced with the problem of serving an increasing number of patrons within a limited space may be able to solve their problem by designing and building a larger diner. If you are in this situation and are ready to pursue the option of building a new space to house your diner, here are some important topics to discuss with a commercial construction contractor. 

Knowledge of specific codes and permits

Building a restaurant from the ground up differs greatly from many other types of commercial construction. For example, restaurants must have waste disposal systems capable of handling large volumes of wastewater and expansive ventilation systems capable of handling the fumes, smoke, and odors produced in a high-volume kitchen environment. Discussing the specific needs of your restaurant with your commercial construction contractor will help you understand the codes and permitting processes for the area in which you plan to build. 

Time frame for completion

While the basic shell of most commercial buildings can often be constructed quickly, restaurants require extensive work during the completion of the interior that can take much longer to complete. Since restaurants require specific appliances and equipment that will need to be installed at different points during the completion of the interior construction, the overall time frame for completion of the project must accommodate any shipping schedule and product availability issues that may arise. Commercial construction contractors who have verifiable experience in completing restaurant construction and renovations will be able to offer advice that will be helpful in creating the best overall timeline for your project. 

Developing a project budget 

Developing a budget for the construction of a new restaurant location requires a significant, detailed budget. In addition to the initial purchase of the land, major line item expenses can include architectural design, permits and inspections, site preparation, construction, and landscaping. Restaurant owners who are planning to build a new location can rely on the advice of an experienced commercial construction service contractor to help them understand the expected costs they may face during each phase of their project. 

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