Having a wooden deck added to your property provides your family with a beautiful outdoor living and entertainment space, and adds beauty and equity to your home. But without proper care and maintenance, your gorgeous new wood deck will lose its looks over time and possibly even start to rot away. Luckily, there are simple things you can do to take care of your deck in order to keep it looking new for many years. Here are four great ideas:

Have Your Deck Sealed

Having your deck sealed is one of the best ways to ensure it always looks great and doesn't become damaged by the elements. A sealant designed especially for wood decks will add a thin but powerful layer of protection, helping to prevent UV damage and discoloration as well as water damage. It's a good idea to have your deck professionally sealed when it's first installed, and then continue to have it sealed every other year or so.

Be Careful When Barbecuing

One of the best things about having a deck is being able to barbecue on it with your friends and family. There's nothing wrong with doing so, as long as you are careful to clean up spills. Splattered grease and sauce that's allowed to remain on your deck can erode the finish and attract unwanted insects.

Clean Each Spring

When you deep clean your house each spring, why not go ahead and deep clean your wood deck as well? This will help remove grime and debris from the winter, making your deck look fresh and new and preventing long-term damage. Your deck manufacturer or installer most likely sells specially made wood deck cleaner designed for your deck. Typically, the instructions will involve spraying your deck with cleaner, scrubbing it with a brush, letting it sit for a few minutes, and then rinsing it away with clean water.

Shovel Away Snow

The excessive moisture that comes with snow that's allowed to stick around can lead to mold, rot, and discoloration. It can also gradually weaken the overall integrity of your deck. For these reasons, it's important to shovel or sweep off snow right away when you experience a large snowstorm. Simply get in the habit of doing this every time you shovel your driveway and sidewalk.

By following these tips, you will properly protect and care for your new wooden deck, ensuring many years of enjoyment. For more information on decks, check out companies like Distinctive Deck & Rail Ltd.