If this is the winter that you really want to show your neighbours how Canadian you really are, you might be thinking about building a backyard rink for skating and pick-up hockey games that last well into the night. A trip to your local home supply store will help you get the tarps, wood and hoses that will be necessary to build and maintain your rink, but it's also important to think about how you'll keep the rink properly lit at night. Aiming your vehicle's headlights at the pad of ice will run down your battery or waste gas, so coming up with a lighting solution is a key step. Instead of handling this task on your own, it's beneficial to hire an electrical contractor. Here's why.

Additional Lights Could Overload Your Circuit

Plugging numerous outdoor floodlights into the electrical outlet on the outer wall of the back of your home might seem like a good idea, but the significant draw from these lights risks overloading the circuit. While there can be a safety risk when a circuit is constantly overloaded, a more immediate concern is that the circuit will often trip -- and you don't want your rink full of skaters to be plunged into the darkness. Your local electrician will be able to upgrade the circuit or add extra outlets so your home's energy supply can handle the new lights.

You Want A Robust Solution

Running electrical extension cords through the snow between your home and the rink will create a messy look and pose a tripping hazard. In the fall, it's ideal to talk to your local electrical contractor about developing at least a season-long permanent solution for your power supply. The contractor might dig a narrow trench through your yard and lay the cords in a section of conduit piping that will keep the cords protected from the elements and ensure that they won't trip anyone.

Your Lights Need To Withstand The Elements

It's beneficial to seek the advice of an experience electrician to ensure that the lights you select provide enough brightness for the ice surface and that will also stand up to the chill of a Canadian winter. Your electrical contractor will be able to suggest the ideal wattage of the outdoor lights that you buy to ensure your rink is properly lit and not shadowy, as shadows aren't conducive to games of hockey.

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