A custom built home is something that you and your family will treasure for many years to come. However, just like all things worth holding on to – there is some work involved. Although the construction company will be tackling the labor, it's up to you to be patient and remember that this is a process. Avoiding mistakes and remaining stress-free is the best way to accomplish this.


One of the greatest sources of anxiety people face when going through a custom home build is worrying about when they will move in. When a contractor gives you a finish date, this is their expert opinion. However, given the fact that quality construction is a tedious process that can be impacted by material availability, weather and a number of other factors, this date may not be itched in stone.

Save yourself undue stress by planning accordingly. For example, if you're renting, don't tell your landlord an exact move out date right away. Instead, once your lease expires, ask if you can go month-to-month until the project is complete.

Know What You Want

Don't feel pressured to jump right into the construction phase of a home build. If you feel like you need a year to finalize your design plans, take it. Approaching the situation this way will minimize stress and actually make the construction process faster. If you rush during the design period, you are more likely to make a decision that you don't like.

Consequently, mid-project, you will be approaching the contractor about making changes. Changes that will only extend the completion date and end up costing you more money in material and labor expenses. Try not to move forward until you know exactly what it is you want.

Visit With Caution

Once the construction phase of the project has begun, visit the work site with caution. Visiting too regularly will only raise your anxiety level because you will have little clue of exactly what's going on. For example, close to the end of the project when the kitchen countertops are installed, you might be concerned as to why the sinks and faucets aren't being installed right away.

However, before this can occur, the countertop needs to set in place, first. You might walk on the site and think nothing is being done, without understanding the reasoning. Only visit when necessary.

Getting through the building process as stress-free as possible makes it all the more enjoyable. Rely on the expertise of your contractor and remember that quality construction takes time.