If you have an old wood deck that is in need of renovation, wood materials are an affordable option. Today, there are also alternatives to wood that will give your deck a longer-lasting finish. These materials include composites, vinyl and metal decking systems. There are even coatings that can be added to make your deck last longer. Here are some wood alternatives you may want to consider when you are ready to renovate your deck:

1. Vinyl Decking Systems For A Durable Finish

Vinyl decking systems can be a great option for replacing old worn wood. These systems come in a variety of different styles, which can look like wood or have colors that are more contemporary. There are even dry decking products made out of vinyl, which you may want to use if you want to add storage space or seating beneath a deck.

2. Lightweight Concrete And Durable Deck Coatings For A Unique Finish

Another option for replacing old decking is to use corrugated steel and lightweight concrete. The structure may need to be strengthened to do this. When you finish the deck with concrete, you have a variety of options for the finish, such as adding a deck coating, using stamped finishes or acid stains to add a custom look to your newly finished deck.

3. Composite Decking Materials To Give Your Deck The Look Of Wood

Composite materials are another great option for replacing your old wood decking. These materials are made out of recycled plastics, wood waste and rubber materials. They are very durable and come in a variety of different styles. There are even products that look like tropical woods. You can also get composite materials in less conventional colors, such as white and grey.

4. Durable Metal Decking Systems For Building Stronger Decks

Metal decking can be a great choice to replace old wood decking. A very durable material can add structural strength to your deck. Metal decking systems are also good for dry climates because they are fire resistant and can help protect your home from fire. They will also last for decades and need very few repairs.

These are some of the wood alternatives that you may want to consider when you are ready to replace your decking. If you are ready to replace the decking on your home, contact a deck repair contractor and talk with them about some of these durable options.

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