If you want to upgrade your driveway gate, doing a little of the prep work will help you save money on the installation.

Remove Your Old Gate

One of the easiest ways to save money on the installation of a new gate is by removing your old gate yourself. Although it may take you an entire weekend to remove your old gate, it will save you significant money on your installation. 

If you don't plan on reusing the material from your old gate around your home, you'll need to use a truck to haul away the material to a local metal recycling location or to your local landfill.

Remove Any Landscaping

If you have any landscaping that is in the way of your new gate, move the plants. If you want to save the plants, you can dig them up and replant them in a new location.

If there are a lot of weeds near where you want your new gate to be installed, spend some time pulling them out or using a weed whacker to cut them down. The clearer the area is, the easier it will be for the gate company to install your new gate.

Measure Off the Area

After you remove your old gate, you will want to measure out exactly where you want your new gate to go. You can use chalk to mark where your new gate will go, or you can use spray paint.

Chalk works best if your gate will be installed within the next day or so, since chalk can easily get washed away. If you know it will be more than a few days before your new gate is installed, use spray paint so your measurements will not be washed away.

Although the company that installs your new gate may re-measure, this will give them a good idea of where you want your gate and will save them a little time and you a little money.

Dig Any Holes

Talk to the company, one like Dawson Construction Ltd, that is installing your gate and see what type of work they will need to do. If any holes need to be dug for the posts for your gate, you can save yourself some money by digging the holes yourself. That way, when they show up, they will not have to do any prep work, they can get down to the more precise details of the installation process.

If you get rid of your old gate, remove any plants that are in the way, measure off the area and dig any necessary holes, it should be relatively simple for a new gate to be installed at the end of your driveway. That way, all the installer has to do is set up your new gate. By doing the prep work yourself, you'll cut down on the required labor to install a new gate.