If the city has a sewer line that runs around your home, or is planning on having one installed in the near future, it could be a good thing for you to get rid of your septic system and connect to it. You will no longer have to worry about having your septic tank pumped or sewage backing up into your bathtub. Here are a few tasks you can do to ensure that the project is done in a timely fashion and will pass all inspections.

Get Permits

Although the contractor is going to need to get a permit too, many municipalities require the homeowner to get a permit first.  The homeowner permit is usually required for the excavation work that needs to be done on public property. There is also a tie-in fee that needs to be paid before any work can begin.

Contact an Excavator

While most sewer contractors have the equipment to do the excavation for the new pipes, you can choose to hire someone different to do this part of the job. Call around to find companies that are licensed for pipeline excavation and get a few estimates. If you are quoted a price that is lower than what the sewer contractor charges for this portion of the job, see if you can get the lower price matched. It is usually easier to go with just one contractor. However, do not get stuck paying a higher price just because the sewer contractor charges more for the excavation.

Schedule a Septic Pumping and Removal

Once you are connected to the sewer system, you will need to have your septic tank pumped out and removed. The pumping can usually be scheduled a day in advance. Many septic pumping companies will also remove an old tank, but require a bit more notice to perform this service.

Make Arrangements for a Load of Stone

Coordinate with an aggregate company to have a load of stone delivered to fill in the hole where the septic tank was. To keep everything simple and safe, it is best to have the stone delivery timed for the removal of the tank. This way, you will not be stuck shovelling a ton of stone into the hole and won't have to worry about someone falling into it either.

If you take the time to do these tasks on your own, the sewer contractor will have an easier job and the final inspection can take place sooner. A heavy rain or melting snow is no longer going to slow down or stop up things draining or flushing from your home. Call a sewer contractor, like Blatzie's Backhoe Services Ltd, for more information and to prepare for your switch to the sewer line.