Tuckpointing is a method of repairing damaged mortar joints in aging masonry walls. The tuckpointing process involves removing damaged mortar and filling any missing mortar in to spaces where the original mortar has fallen out, cracked, become damaged, or otherwise deteriorated.

During the process, the color of the new mortar is matched as closely as possible with the color of the original mortar. Though a tedious process, tuckpointing offers many benefits for masonry walls showing significant damage and wear in their existing mortar.

The following are some of the most significant benefits:


Masonry walls in need of tuckpointing or repairs are susceptible to water intrusion. This can lead to cumbersome leaks into the interior of a home that can be expensive to repair.

Water seepage into mortar joints will cause further damage to masonry over time, and it can lead to moisture stains, rotting wood, and mold or mildew growth inside the home. 

Keeping out pests

As holes develop in masonry joints, they can let in intruders such as bugs or vegetation. If they become large enough, holes in mortar joints could even let in larger animals like mice, birds, or bats. Tuckpointing is important for keeping pests outside the home. 

Strengthening walls

If deterioration of mortar joints is extensive, the structural integrity of a masonry wall can become compromised. Repairing mortar joints through tuckpointing could save a chimney or other type of masonry structure from an eventual collapse, making tuckpointing important in terms of safety. 

Preventing further damage

If left alone, a deteriorating masonry wall will worsen. Once tuckpointing is complete, a wall will more or less be restored to its original condition and strength. Previous damage will be repaired and the deterioration process will be completely stopped. 

Cost effectiveness

Tuckpointing is much more cost effective than more comprehensive repair projects that could involve tearing an entire wall or chimney down.

Investing in tuckpointing early on can save a great deal of money in comparison to waiting until deterioration has reached an extent where the only option is a complete rebuild of the masonry structure. 

Increasing home value

The condition of a home's masonry has a significant impact on the home's overall value. Tuckpointing can drastically increase a home's value in situations where mortar joint deterioration is very noticeable.

The increase in home value that can be expected after tuckpointing generally makes this type of project one of the best home repair masonry prospects in terms of ROI.