Living in Ottawa, Canada means pleasant summers that deceptively lead into harsh, bitter winters. Ottawa typically receives frigid temperatures and snow that nearby Toronto doesn't experience, and this type of weather can certainly take its toll on homes in the area. Learn how to protect your roof against winter weather, so you can worry less about drafts, cave-ins, and normal maintenance as the temperatures fall to seriously uncomfortable and frigid levels.

Install a ventilation system in your attic

A ventilation system in your attic helps prevent snow and ice from accumulating on your roof. With air constantly moving in and out of your attic, snow and ice don't have the opportunity to stay put, and slide off easily. Ventilation protects your shingles from weight and moisture damage, as well as helps reduce the pressure placed on beams and weak points in your roof's construction. As an added bonus, adding a ventilation system in your attic can help reduce energy costs by keeping positive warm air flowing.

Have your roof inspected

If you have a shingled roof, snow and ice can make broken, missing, or cracked and curling shingles even worse. The weight and moisture can destroy whole sections of a roof that is only mildly damaged. If you have metal panels that are bent, warped, or peeling, a heavy snow storm or high winds can break them away from your roof. Have a roofer inspect your trusses, panels, shingles, and areas around vents or chimneys to make sure the surfaces are sound, and have them perform repairs as needed. Small preventative repairs now can help prevent major winter damage as the season takes its toll on your house.

Clean gutters and power lines

You want your gutters to be free of leaves, dirt, and other debris, so water runoff can occur naturally as snow melts from your roof. If you have trees near power lines, have them trimmed to help prevent branches heavy from snow from cracking and breaking onto your roof. If you don't want to clean your gutters on your own, your roofer can do this for you as they inspect your roof for needed repairs.

As the Ottawa winters take their toll on your home, you can feel confident that your roof will be able to handle everything that comes its way. When you perform simple care and maintenance tips, you can make your roof winter-ready, no matter what kind of frigid temperatures are in the forecast. Visit a roofer like A-1 Professional Roofing today for more information.