As a business owner, are you worried about the expenses and upkeep for your building? Have you considered how problems with your windows could be costing you money? Here are some issues that could end up affecting your bottom line: 

Moisture between insulated panes

When seals on insulated glass fail, they allow condensation to form between the panes. The moisture then causes damage to the seal that could lead to the glass being loose and leaking out air. If your windows are foggy from trapped condensation, the best solution is to replace the affected glass panes and seals so that they don't allow any more air to escape.

Peeling paint on window frames

If primer was not correctly applied to the window frame before painting, then the paint could lose adhesion and start peeling away from the frame. Additionally, if the painting was done during high humidity, the moisture in the air could have long term adverse effects on the painted frame.

Only a professional will be able to judge if the frames are so soaked from moisture that they need to be replaced, or if they can be repaired and painted properly. 

Damaged window screens

Holes in your window screens could mean that you'll be letting in bugs if you open the windows during mild weather. Screens can also help to protect the glass from being cracked by debris tossed about by weather or thrown around by leaf blowers.

Screens that have holes big enough to be seen by people passing by could give your facility an unkempt appearance. They could cause you to lose clients because your visitors may see the damaged screens and assume that you're not prosperous enough to pay for proper maintenance. A professional can mend the mesh, or replace the entire screen frame if needed. 

Security needs

By checking your windows weekly to make sure that they lock securely, you'll be able to spot any broken latches before they become a problem. You could also make a habit of checking a few windows each day, on a rotating basis so that they'll all be checked by the end of the week. By staying proactive on your window security, you'll prevent unauthorized people from using them to gain access to your facility.  

Cracked glass

Small fissures in your window panes could increase in size over time. Pounding precipitation, windblown debris and heavy wind gusts could cause an insignificant crack to "feather out" and eventually spread across the glass.  It's best to replace the glass as soon as you see any small flaws, instead of waiting for the glass to break when it's least expected.